Southampton MRS exhibition 2019 #1 | esngblog

A trip down to Eastleigh today for the excellent Southampton MRS exhibition.  There were some excellent layouts on show, and plenty of trade, though I was a good boy and bought absolutely nothing.  Derek came along with me and it was good to have some company for the 80 mile trip each way.  This is…
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Diamond Ho! – A Model Meander

This weekend I kept up the momentum created by getting the first turnout servo installed and started in on the only bit of Comstock Road’s trackwork that requires hand made frogs, the diamond crossing. Through the miracle of Templot, the diamond is asymmetrical with one leg being on a transition curve. Not something you are…
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Is Rail Express Modeller getting it wrong these days? | West Halton Sidings

Last night we had a good chat, among other subjects about the recent changes at Rail Express Modeller (REM) – neither of us have been wowed by it to be honest. It has a back to basics approach which doesn’t suit the supplement because of its size. When you look back at the ModelRAIL supplements…
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It’s shunting, Jim, but not as we know it…. | esngblog

With apologies to Star Trek! This video, hi-jacked from the 2mm Association site, is just one incredible bit of model making.  And I’m not (for once) talking about the fine scale.  Shunting using a tractor – whatever next – working horses!!!!?!!!! Shunting Tractor at Yeovil Town. For many years, Laurie Adams has been constructing a…
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Postcards from Stevenage – The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

Last weekend saw the CMRA holding it’s annual exhibition in Stevenage, always a worthwhile trip with some top quality modelling on show and plenty of familiar faces to have a chat with… it’s also pretty good from a trade perspective, plenty of specialists are there providing a one stop shop for your modelling needs -…
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