3mm Scale Modelling

The 3mm Society

For those of you interested in 3mm scale modelling , a good place to start is to join the  3mm Society  . You will find details of how to join along with the products on offer and support from local groups and meetings.


Above is a picture of meeting of the 3mm London Area Group held at the Model Railway Club HQ, Keen House.

London Area Group

Report on the London Area Group

If you want to know more visit the 3mm Society homepage

Kits coming together 20/11/18

Have you ever thought how the kits provided through the Society come to fruition?

Through Martin Finney a number of his etches have been provided in 3mm scale including LSWR T9 and Watercart tender,61xx, GWR 3000 gallon, 2721 pannier.

The etches are produced as sheets on a roll and then have to be identified,cut up and sorted into individual kit parts, then packed and labelled.

Castings for all the kits have to be procured too. Whitemetal or 3D printed?

So many decisions so much work, the work for the many done by the few.

Sterling effort made by half dozen to provide kits for members 👍






Addison Road

Pictures of Phil Hutchings LT Layout Addison Road, invited to this years EM Expo at Bracknell.

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