On wheels

Good work – have Pickering railcar in
3mm to do


With the holes cut, I set about fixing the chassis in place and soldering the pick ups for the trailing bogie. Not my finest effort and I decided late on a night after a long day at work was not the time to be trying to solder the wires on to the chassis so I left that for the next time.

I also had a trial run of fitting the chassis to the body and looking at how to put the seats in. Finally I dug our various odds of plasticard to knock up some underframe detailing.

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No faith in Politicians

It amazes me that these amateurs we call Politicians can throw their toys out of the pram and leave their job at the drop of a hat without any thought to the 70m+ people who will suffer from their decision making now and in years to come – no wonder people don’t have faith in our political system anymore!

I was for staying EU for a number of reasons mainly because people don’t realise how much we have come to to depend on the EU for workers (doing the work that no one else wants to), funding (European Social Fund which has regenerated parts of the country), Defence (working together to stop Isis and others intent on destroying our democracy), freedom of movement etc.

We were not given all the facts at the time and Brexit was sold mainly on the immigration card which gave the racists and bigots a field day.

will will see the £250m for the NHS?

Still we live in a democracy and I go with the majority but unfortunately the politicians have c**ked it up. Meanwhile the country has fallen apart- crime is up,local authorities are struggling for funding all because the Tories have taken their eye off the ball.

No trust, no deal.


We Could Show You Incredible Things (the Beauty and Mystery of Railway Station Adoption)

We Could Show You Incredible Things (the Beauty and Mystery of Railway Station Adoption)

We Could Show You Incredible Things (the Beauty and Mystery of Railway Station Adoption)
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Pink Panther


The next stage for the railcar has been to fit the bogies. The chassis I’m using is the Kato 11-105 “shorty” which, as the name suggests, is short, far too short in fact.

However it is a simple matter to pull the trailer bogie from the Kato chassis, leaving the motor bogie intact.

The plastic chassis for the railcar had the bogie positions marked out (the centres to line up with the road wheel arches) and drilled.

I printed a copy of the Kato chassis diagram which is readily available on the web, drawing in the bogie centre point. The drill was then run through this, then through the chassis, with a bit of UHU to stick the paper template onto the plastic.

I then had a guide to cut out the hole for the chassis block. I did this using my usual method of using a mill drill. I…

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