Words fail me 😢

The Market Deeping club had to cancel their exhibition due to mindless vandalism by 4 youths who broke into the venue this morning.

I bet they will just get a slap on the wrist 😡

photos copyright Stamford & Rutland Mercury


Making Quay Changes #1 Moving Eastwards | GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

Although my usual modelling genre, as regular readers will know, is the Southern Railway between 1946 and 1949, however due to Canute Road Quay having very few visual references to either period or location (yes there are a couple, but hey…) it allows me to change the location and era with different rolling stock, vehicles…
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7mm, Railway, Terriers A1 & A1x

Hayward’s Heath MRE

Myself and Mr P paid a visit to the Hayward’s Heath Show held at the Dolphin Leisure Centre. Apart from the parking which was horrendous (found that Mr P is very good at reversing his car down a long road!) the show held in 2 halls was pretty good.

A variety of scales (alas no 3mm) some decent layouts were on show. We also met a few Society members both 3mm and O.16.5 so had a good chinwag too.

Unlike a lot of exhibitions these days a decent guide was provided too.

Here are the photos

Well Creek Basin -7mm

Hobbs Hill -4mm OO

Southbridge -N

Frimley North -4mm OO

Gouttieres -HO

Haynes Lane -7mm O

Dorchester Jct -4mm FS

Banbury (Oxfordshire) -N

Arnold Lane -7mm O

Chelwood Exchange -4mm OO

Battledown -N

Dougdale -4mm OO

Hope Hill -7mm O

Ashenden Jct -N

Staindrop -7mm O

These were the pick of the bunch for me. Very enjoyable show apart from the parking.


Electric bicycle hire to be trialled in East Croydon | East Croydon Community Organisation

Lime, a company already providing dockless “ebikes” in Milton Keynes, Brent, Ealing and Islington, will bring 200 “ebikes” to Croydon for a year-long trial starting in May. The bikes will be accessed and locked using a mobile phone app. Each one will be fitted with GPS, locks, a bell and front and rear lights and…
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