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Visit to East Somerset Railway

Thanks to a gift voucher from my son and his wife for my birthday visited the East Somerset Railway today with my good lady and Boxer dog Grace.

The trip is rather short on the line so not too taxing for the Ivatt 2-6-0.

Well worth looking round the shed. An enjoyable afternoon.


Dorchester West

Engineering works on the line to Weymouth so GWR trains terminating at Dorchester West and South Western at Wareham.

Here are couple of pictures of the 158 waiting to depart.

Didn’t realise that from here the line is single track.

Kingston Maurward

Down in Weymouth at the weekend and went to Kingston Maurward gardens and animal farm.

There is also the local agricultural and horticulture college which as its home.

A most beautiful place and we had a lovely afternoon. Being Spring the Gardens are just waking up from their Winter slumber and we defo will go back in the Summer. Here are the pics

The Convivial Rabbit

A micro pub in Dorchester we visited yesterday. Was quite empty when we arrived but started to fill up after we had settled down.

Had a half of Blighty (yes you read that correctly) but to compensate took home a 2 pint carton of Potholer. Also picked up a copy of the local CAMRA magazine

Nice atmosphere and the half of Blighty went down a treat.

Recommended for a visit. The Rabbit is in a alley near the Plaza cinema in Dorchester.

The Potholer was very nice but would not keep in the carton for more that 2/3 hours so had to be consumed that evening.

Swanage Railway visit

Must be November. Birthday weekend trip to Swanage Railway and first time being pulled by the STD 4 tank. Very smooth ride.

Swanage Diesel Gala

The good Mrs D and I along with our Grace went to Swanage today and somehow managed to end up at Swanage station where the gala was in full swing. Rude not to have a look round, lots of variety and not a steam engine in site.

Here are the photos

Class 33 driver experience- Swanage Railway

Yesterday I had the experience on driving a class 33, 33111 on the Norden extension. Very enjoyable drive and two very different journeys. Going towards Wareham the loco controls were very responsive especially the loco brake (which is quite important!). Going back to Norden, not quite as responsive, the brake taking longer to find the braking point. Overall a very enjoyable experience and another off the bucket list.

Here are the pics

33111 was one of the last 33’s to work the Bournemouth/Weymouth pushpull.

An N in the rain

Visit to Swanage today as it is my birthday weekend. Went from a very soggy Norden to an even soggier Swanage to pick Mrs D’s birthday bear from Corfe  🐻 and then back to Norden.

Very enjoyable if a bit cold and wet thanks to Storm Angus.

New Chassis Jig

At the Weymouth Show at the weekend I bumped into the Dorset collective of 3mm members. One of their number Colin Lockyer (4mm modeller – Pine Road) has produced a chassis jig, not only for use in 3mm but 4mm scale too. An impressive bit of kit, of which details can be found on Colin’s blog

Better start saving.

Weymouth Show

I had the privilege of being invited to operate 50 Shades of Grey at Weymouth Show. You may recall that I helped operate the layout at St Albans in January when did actually snow! My how time flys.

Amongst other layouts at the show were Chris Challis “Cheddar ”

Then there was Gas Cupboards “Wisteria Collop” and essay in 009

Local area layouts featured, firstly Wimborne 

And Blandford

And bang up to date “Didcot A”

And last but not least an Emmett style layout “Scratchy Bottom”

A good show as always one hopefully I can get to next year.

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