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An N in the rain

Visit to Swanage today as it is my birthday weekend. Went from a very soggy Norden to an even soggier Swanage to pick Mrs D’s birthday bear from Corfe  🐻 and then back to Norden.

Very enjoyable if a bit cold and wet thanks to Storm Angus.

New Chassis Jig

At the Weymouth Show at the weekend I bumped into the Dorset collective of 3mm members. One of their number Colin Lockyer (4mm modeller – Pine Road) has produced a chassis jig, not only for use in 3mm but 4mm scale too. An impressive bit of kit, of which details can be found on Colin’s blog

Better start saving.

Weymouth Show

I had the privilege of being invited to operate 50 Shades of Grey at Weymouth Show. You may recall that I helped operate the layout at St Albans in January when did actually snow! My how time flys.

Amongst other layouts at the show were Chris Challis “Cheddar ”

Then there was Gas Cupboards “Wisteria Collop” and essay in 009

Local area layouts featured, firstly Wimborne 

And Blandford

And bang up to date “Didcot A”

And last but not least an Emmett style layout “Scratchy Bottom”

A good show as always one hopefully I can get to next year.

Norden – M7 & T9 goings on

Summer goings on at Norden with the M7 & T9 – enjoy






Finally got to ride behind the T9 from Swanage today. Lovely loco and very vocal. 

Here it is in close up at Norden after running round.

A truly lovely engine.​​​

Another I did not know that was this weekend

Browsing Railway Modeller and the exhibition calendar , found that Bridport MRC were holding their annual one exhibtion today.

So in my little car I went to Bridport, not a bad run from Weymouth despite the traffic though it did take me at least 20 minutes to park such is the popularity of Bridport on a Saturday with its market.

Bridport exhibition is a small affair the main attraction being Beaminster, a recent feature in this months RM

Another layout which caught my eye was Springfield from members of Weymouth MRC, a GWR branch in O. Sadly no 3mm 😞

After the exhibition had a wander round the market at Bridport with its many antiques stalls and book shops. It has a lovely church

And a cat with attitude so I’m told

And an old Tannery now converted into flats

Most enjoyable.

Once upon a walk

The good Mrs Driscoll, our Boxer Grace and I did the coastal path walk from Bowleaze Cove to Osmington Mills and back a distant of 7 miles undulating walk with a nice lunch at the Smugglers Inn and 2 pints of Badgers finest in the bargain.

You may of read in the news recently about the cracks that appeared in the cliff near Bowleaze , well here they are

There are some lovely views too along the path

And woodland too

Can we have a Peacock xing please!

A very pleasent 5 hours 😀


Went to Bournemouth today with the lovely Mrs D, my how the station has changed.

The signal box is now in splendid isolation

And when did they build that flyover?

Still unlike some it still has its overall roof

Any body know why this door has been left high and dry though clearly not used anymore


Portland Bill

Went to Portland Bill today with the good Mrs Driscoll. Very barren – spot the tree! Had lunch in the Lobster Pot, very nice bacon baguette and Cream tea.


The Gang of Four

Flintcombe is at Weymouth MRE this weekend. I have seen this P4 layout before and the level of detail in both modelling and scenery never ceases to amaze me. 

The Dorset “gang of four” had a short trip from Wimborne with the layout, well worth seeing if you get the opportunity.


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