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Tesco bomb hoax in Gt.Yarmouth

Our son Richard took the photo that appeared on the website.


The Photography Lie

Photography today

Taylor Jorjorian

The Photography LieWhat is a photograph and better yet what is a photographer?  These terms have become very hard to define lately.  For the last 200 years or so photography has been a beautiful and unique medium defined by its ability to portray a reality as seen through the photographers eyes.  To be a photographer meant that you used a camera to capture a subject and then made a print, end of story.  It was honest and simple but tragically those days are over.  In the last few decades the advent and easy access to digital manipulating software has bred a new generation of image makers who rely heavily or fully on software to produce their artwork.  This has resulted in the creation of a new artistic medium, digital-art, which for some reason has been recklessly grouped in with photography.  Photography has now become a free for all genre of art with…

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Our son the photographer

Our son Richard is well into photography. Now living in Norfolk he has been out and about photographing local landmarks , seals and birds. One of his latest photos of Horsey wind pump is below

horsey wind pump cloned out lines

His ultimate aim is to be a full time photographer and he is always on the look out for new photographic opportunities. He has his own Facebook page – Driscoll Photography – have a look his photos are amazing.

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