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Christmas Past and 2017 future

Well Christmas has passed a quiet one it has to be said.

As for 2016 – I cannot say I will be sorry to see it go. With so many celebs gone this year the world has become a lesser place for there passing.

In saying that I would like to wish all my blog followers a happy 2017 and wish you good health and happiness throughout.


A sad day for Croydon 

Thinking of those people who lost their lives in Croydon after the tram derailment.

Hollycoombe Steam Collection

As an early birthday treat from my eldest son, the good Mrs.D and I visited the Hollycoombe steam collection near Liphook – a steam fair in the main with a miniature railway too.

A good evening, recommended. The collection is now closed for the winter and opens Good Friday 2017.

Pokemon Go v Modelling

Saw this on Facebook and thought I would share it on here

Rather apt don’t you think?

Didn’t know Launceston had a castle! 

Well it has and some lovely views too! 

Once upon a walk

The good Mrs Driscoll, our Boxer Grace and I did the coastal path walk from Bowleaze Cove to Osmington Mills and back a distant of 7 miles undulating walk with a nice lunch at the Smugglers Inn and 2 pints of Badgers finest in the bargain.

You may of read in the news recently about the cracks that appeared in the cliff near Bowleaze , well here they are

There are some lovely views too along the path

And woodland too

Can we have a Peacock xing please!

A very pleasent 5 hours 😀

Portland Bill

Went to Portland Bill today with the good Mrs Driscoll. Very barren – spot the tree! Had lunch in the Lobster Pot, very nice bacon baguette and Cream tea.


It’s behind you

Panto season truly alive in Worthing

Happy 2016

Just to say thank you to all those of you who follow and have commented on my blog. May 2016 bring you joy and all you wish for.



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