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Wimblehurst Road

Been awhile since I posted a thing on the layout.

Unfortunately had to pull out of the Pevensey Show as life has conspired against me namely lost of job and family illness.

However I have taken the opportunity to relay some of the track and also the point to the long siding which packed up.

As an inherited layout so to speak I have no idea of what wire goes where so also requiring the layout and replacing the Hoffman point motors with Cobalt ones.

Both at Uckfield and Beckenham found that operating from the front was not practical as you always need 3 people to operate so also building a central control panel to operate from behind.

Also considering replacing the 2 end boards – they are odd sizes, very heavy and a pig to transport, so 2 x 2’x1′ boards might be the order of the day instead. Might increase the width to 1’6″ so there is room for stock storage should I go down the traverser root?


3mm Society AGM

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day at the Stratton Leisure Centre in Swindon meeting my fellow 3mm modellers.

Being secretary this is my task for the year in organising the event. I’m pleased to say that everybody who should of turned up did and we had quite a few entries for the modelling competition.

95 members in total attended the event and with the sports hall to play with there was plenty of room.

In addition 4 layouts plus one in progress were brought along, so we will focus on these first

Nick Salzman brought along Lananta his new layout and I must say it is most impressive

Croydon MRS came along with Hemlock – looking good and operated by my good friends Mr P and Mike Davey.

Nigel Cullimore brought his BR blue period layout North Ealing which I marvel out how some much is crammed into such a compact space.

Next we have Richard Popes Chipping Compton, very Titfield Thunderbolt!

Mike Corps Heybridge Wharf – no words needed

As you have seen 3mm layouts can match anything in the major scales – long may it continue!

Now the competition- a lot of entries this year – all winners in my opinion 👍


And we have coaches

Plus wagons

Maybe the odd building or too

Oh and I guess those modern image things (well 1950’s/60s)

All winners as I said – especially Paul Hopkins who came away with a glut of certificates.

Part of 3mm history Clive Thompson former proprietor of 3SMR handed out the trophies and certificates (that’s him on the right) – thanks Clive.

As I said the sports hall is big (there are 95 people there guv honest)

Finally I would like to dedicate this post to Mr Geoff Gay for his kind words about my blog and for winning in the competition

Well done Geoff

Dorchester West

Engineering works on the line to Weymouth so GWR trains terminating at Dorchester West and South Western at Wareham.

Here are couple of pictures of the 158 waiting to depart.

Didn’t realise that from here the line is single track.

Steam Locos I hear you ask

Whilst the focus has been on the diesels at Swanage, not forgetting in the main it is a preserved line. Whilst most of the steam locos were stabled away from the station area, there were a few waiting attention, including M7 30053image-66098

In for its major overhaul. Next to it was the T9 just seen poking its head round the signal box but not attached to its tenderimage-66122

And then last but not least 31806 which had its debut on the mainline a couple of weeks agoimage-66075

So there you have it.

Purbeck Explorer

An opportunity to good to miss – Clapham Junction to Swanage behind a class 33 in a 4TC set – admittedly the 4TC is in London Underground livery and was towing 2 x Class 20 behind, but what the hell!


Departure from platform 5, Clapham Jct at 1120 took a very circuitous route to Woking which was the next pickup via Staines & Richmond re-joining the mainline at West Byfleet. Couple of minutes stop at Woking and then fast down the mainline to Eastleigh & Southampton. One spot at Eastleigh was the Class 66 in BR retro livery – no picture unfortunately. Plenty of freightliner traffic around Millbrook even a couple of 08’s gainfully employed.

Onwards and forwards to an unscheduled stop at Poole to take on would you believe more beer! Apparently 166 bottles for 155 passengers was not enough – proper rail tour then 🙂

Bournemouth passed without incident, then onto Wareham where a stop was made to set down only, then turned left at Worget Junction and the Swanage line proper. Purbeck looked at its best as we did the regulation 25mph. Slight delay outside Norden waiting the train in front to depart, then into Norden passing 33 111 on the way which was doing driver experience trips.

Then to Corfe Castle where we waited for the service from Swanage headed by Sir Keith Park – Battle of Britain rebuilt Pacific which has recently returned to service. Got out and took a couple of photos of the Cl 20’s on the back attached to the 4TC.






Leaving Corfe Castle we ran non stop to Swanage, passing Harmans Cross and in no time arrived at Swanage in the bay platform right on time, and waiting on the other side was the Hymek to take the next train out.


A very enjoyable trip and glad I went.

GSN progress

Nice to see work on GSN progressing

Photos Chris Hurst

General Steam Navigation -35011

General Steam Navigation or GSN is a Merchant Navy class locomotive being restored to her original “air-smoothed” condition.

The loco is undergoing its retro fitting in Sellinge, Kent.

I have joined the GSN Locomotive Restoration Society and decided to go down and have a look at the work so far and lend a hand.

Today I went to give a hand and met Dave Williams who very kindly showed me round. The group based in Plymouth are having a working party this weekend and Dave was the advanced guard!

I soon was set to work removing the flaking paint off one of GSNs driving wheels. The Bullied Firth-Brown wheels are a wonderful design, but full of nooks and cranies!

It’s surprising how time flies when doing something like this, quite pleased with my efforts

A lot still to do on GSN and I hope to get down there again

More photos of GSN below

Epsom Show Part 2

More photos

Stackton Binge – 7mm

Modbury – 2mm FS

Cheffley – OO Gauge

Kirkmellington – 4mm EM

City Basin – N

Scratchy Bottom – 1:24 Gn15

Very enjoyable show.

Epsom Show – Pt 1

April must be Epsom show time. Visited the show with Mr P and as usual a good balance of trade and layouts. Quite a few n Gauge layouts but the favourite has to be Trevor Nunes S gauge Trowland. Have been a great fan of Trevor’s East Lynn now retired from the exhibition circuit.

Freshwater – 2mm FS

Burnham on Sea

Ferring P4

Wimblehurst Road update

Pevensey Show in July so starting to work on the layout now it’s warmer.

Relaid the track in the station area and replace the knackered point. Just got to rewire and ballast.

Primed the rear fascia and ends today, ready for an application of Rustin’s Black to match the rest.

As the sun is out have been spraying some stock. The push pull coach and the Southern PMV.

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