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ESNG exhibition 2018 #2


We were fortunate to get into the school early, at 4pm, as Derek’s influence remained, despite retiring as caretaker, and he was entrusted with the keys.  The rooms that we were using quickly took shape thanks to the good number of club members who were there early.  We even took a break around 6pm for a fish and chip takeaway supper.

What was unusual was the number of people who set their stands and layouts up on the Friday night.  Whilst we put the ESNG N-mod together, St Elizabeth Street and Maxwell were also going up in the main hall.

I was pleased this year to book two layouts that have impressed me.  The first was City Basin Goods.  This ticks a lot of boxes with me, British Railways, lots of parcels stock, compact in size, and working hands-free uncoupling that did work.

My pictures didn’t come out quite as…

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LOOP around for buckets in trees and bluebells in the woods

Would love to try

Inside Croydon

You’re just a 15min tram ride from the centre of Croydon, and the LOOP leads you into the countryside at Farleigh Downs

WANDLE WANDERER: At a rare sighting of the sun, and with the promise of spring finally arriving some time soon, KEN TOWL sets off on the latest stage of his exploration of the London LOOP, from Coombe Lane to Hamsey Green

New readers, and walkers, can start here. That’s the beauty of the LOOP, a circular route that takes even the least intrepid rambler all the way around the outside of Greater London.

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WW2 icons of the RAF

Nothing like the sound of a Merlin engine

Stephen Liddell

Following on from my RAF100 post the Sopwih Camel and WW1

By 1940 the awesome might of Hitler’s Luftwaffe had been displayed in the lightning blitzkrieg offensive that annexed France in six weeks. In the aftermath the British had managed to rescue more than 300,000 troops from Dunkirk with a hastily cobbled together flotilla during May and June 1940. Then the country braced itself for the inevitable Nazi aerial onslaught and invasion.

The Royal Navy ruled the waves and the German fleet was no match for it but the man in charge of the Luftwaffe, Goring, believed that the Luftwaffe would be able to take care of the Royal Navy or at least keep it contained.  This would allow the German navy to mount an invasion along the southern coast of England.

You can see my dedicated post to Our Finest Hour and The Battle of Britain


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ESNG exhibition 2018 #1

Glad it went well


Well, that’s another exhibition done and dusted.  I’ll report more fully through the week, but here are my initial thoughts.

Numbers were a little down on last year.  This was probably due to it being the last weekend of the school holidays but especially because it was the first warm, sunny, day for weeks.  I understand that all the shops – even places like Bluewater – were empty, and the parks were heaving.  Even so, we had enough people through for it to look busy for parts of the day, finance should be on the positive side, and we had a lot of fun playing trains for the day.

Our members were great, and turned out in force to make setting up and running the thing very easy.  It also helps knowing the venue well.  In one sense it will be a shame to move next year, as I will…

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How to get a proper photo of the moon.

Feel Good - Photography

One of the things I always wanted to do, is to photograph the moon and be able to zoom in to look all the details, like the craters and patterns that you need a proper zoom lens to be able to capture.

Our new zoom lens arrived just a couple of days before we went on our Easter vacation to Norway.

Using our brand new AF-P DX Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR lens, the moon appeared to be 16 times closer to Earth.

Full moon, lunar, space, planet, photo from Norway ISO 100 – 300 mm – f/6,3 – 1/125 sec

Now I am very excited to share one of my experiences with the AF-P DX Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR lens; How to get a proper photo of the moon. The moon is beautiful to look at, but it sure can be challenging to photograph. The moon orbits the Earth once every 27 days. It also takes approximately…

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Guest review of the 00 Works RTR ex LSWR Drummond 4-4-0 D15 Class

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The small manufacturer of Ready To Run locomotive 00 Works announced back in May 2017 their intention to produce a batch of ex LSWR Drummond 4-4-0 D15s  A number of the versions have now arrived from 00 Works, although as with many of their releases I have not personally ordered one myself (I already have a couple of kit built examples,  that can be seen here in my Talking Stock #17 post along with some further details on the prototype) I am indebted to friend and fellow Southern modeller Tony Teague for once again providing his photographs and comments below.

This release follows on from a number of Southern locomotive produced by the ’00’ Works in the past such as: N15, 700, C, E4, I3 and 0415 Adams Radial classes (although of course some of these have now all been subsequently been announced or produced by the major manufacturers). The level of…

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Fixing the First Track to the Baseboard

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

This week I’ve made a start on track laying.

To fit the points I needed to drill eight holes:

  • a hole for the throw arm from the point motor
  • four small pilot holes for the screws to mount the point motor to the baseboard
  • three holes for the wires connecting the point to the electrics (the two wires to power the rails and the wire to power the frog).

The photo at the start of the blog shows all the holes.

Drilling holes is easy, but it wasn’t a quick job. I must admit I spent ages measuring the positions to make sure I drilled the holes in the right places!

Cobalt provide very good instructions with their point motors. However, they don’t supply a template for where to drill the holes with the point motor (although they do provide one at extra cost). I made my own template from…

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Cat sup

What a lovely memorial


Well it’s only taken nearly a year but I’ve found time and a solution to finish off the first of my custom liveried milk tankers.

For the newer readers of the blog, Bluebell was our much loved and totally daft cat who used to sit on my shoulders while I worked. Unfortunately her time with us was short lived as she had no road sense. I therefore decided to immortalise her on Penlowry by making the local dairy be named after her.

The milk tankers are Dapol unpainted ones, sprayed white and then the livery applied using printed labels. I tried decal sheets but the ink and sheet combination didn’t work well and when I twigged the background could be white not clear, the use of a label made so much sense.

Once printed, a slot was cut in the top for the walkway fixings to be clear and then…

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J-Rock releases charity single to raise awareness of autism

Inside Croydon

Croydon-based R&B musician J-Rock has released a charity single, in which he performs alongside seven other artists all of whom have autism.

J-Rock with Anna Kennedy during the recording of the charity single

Father of five J-Rock – also known as John Paul Horsley – was put in touch with Anna Kennedy, the founder of an autism charity, when one of his sons was diagnosed with autism. Horsley is now a patron of the Anna Kennedy Online charity.

J-Rock was a member of the MOBO-award-winning hip-hop group Big Brovaz. The charity single sees him producing and singing a version of his 2003 hit “Baby Boy”.

Kennedy is a campaigner for autism and has set up schools and colleges for autistic children and adults when there were once no provision. The charity, Anna Kennedy Online, stages an annual show “Autism’s Got Talent”.

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Railway Modeller and Bullhead Rail

Simon's Model Railway Blog


As my regular readers will know, I am a little obsessed with the new Bullhead Rail from Peco. The next issue of Railway Modeller starts a series of articles on how to use the rail.

My other articles are Peco on the right track and Peco Code 75 Bullhead Expands

img_6053The May 2018 edition can be purchased from your usual newsagent or here

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