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Distillery progress — Nigel’s Mountains and Modelling.

I did say that I wished to make some significant progress on Loch Dhu Distillery – the aim is to complete the layout to exhibition standard by the end of the year (2017). I have other projects to progress and the reality is that Loch Dhu is really becoming a bit of a log jam […]

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Chatham Historic Dockyard: RNLI Historic Lifeboat Collection

Pete's Favourite Things

The RNLI houses its collection of Lifeboats within one of the sheds at Chatham Dockyard. The collection contains an example of many of the different classes and types of lifeboat used since the RNLI’s foundation in the late 19th century. As such you can visually trace the development from the rowing boats to those more recognisable as Lifeboats today.

‘St Paul’. The oldest lifeboat in the collection entered service in 1897 spending the next 34 years at Kessingland in Suffolk. Credited with saving 18 lives.

‘Lizzie Porter’ entered service in 1909 and spent the following 27 years at stations in Northumbria. Credited with saving 113 lives

‘Helen Blake’ saw service for 20 years from 1939

‘Susan Ashley’ spent most of its service (1948-79) at Sennen Cove in Cornwall. Credited with saving 67 lives.

‘ North Foreland’ spent 27 years at Margate in Kent

‘Grace Darling’ (1954-84)

‘JG Greaves of Sheffield’…

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Cash-strapped Carillion can’t pay their library paper bills

Inside Croydon

Carillion, the building company which somehow landed the contract to run Croydon’s public libraries, is so strapped for cash that they have unpaid bills from their suppliers for use of photo-copiers and paper.

Carillion is a construction company which was seeking juicy profits by grabbing outsourced libraries

The value of the company’s shares plunged a further 30 per cent this morning, as the troubled firm issued the latest in a series of profit warnings and trading updates.

Carillion announced to the London Stock Exchange that it is to try to recapitalise, it downgraded profit expectations, and revealed higher than anticipated debts and said it expected to be in breach of covenants – agreements to pay loans – by the end of the year.

Carillion’s problems relate mostly to its construction business, but it is having a knock-on effect to the subsidiary which is running Croydon’s and other local authority libraries.

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Brighton Show

Ouse Valley Modeller


Just a quick note to say Tarring Neville is back out at Brighton MRC’s show this weekend at Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, Patcham, BN1 8TA. More info here

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Signal failure!

Eggs in one basket stings to mind


As we get close to Stuttgart, the lounge is full of railway – I couldn’t be bothered to lug it all up to the loft just to bring it back down on Monday.  All is prepared….  we hope!  I’ve even started to look at the weather forecast for next week in Germany.  At the moment, there’s no snow in Stuttgart, so we should get there all right.

But here’s an interesting link from the BBC on signal failure.  Three minutes describes the challenges faced by Network Rail in keeping everything moving.

Matthew Broad was waiting for a train at Reading station, England, which it seemed would never arrive.
“I was miffed. But then came the familiar excuse – signal failure.”  Matthew wanted to find out more about the causes of signal failure so wrote to the BBC to ask us to find out.

Last year in the UK there…

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Labour’s new slate in Fairfield as Momentum makes a mark

Inside Croydon

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, with the latest weekly round-up of the ins, and outs, in a tortuous selection process

Mary Croos out campaigning with Sadiq Khan and Steve Reed OBE, who is a big fan

Boundary changes, demographic changes and the Jeremy Corbyn-inspired swing towards Labour has made Fairfield ward in the town centre a key battleground in next May’s council elections.

And following a long selection meeting last night, with a voting process almost more complicated than the X Factor’s new format, Labour will seek to win the ward from the Tories with a team which includes a union official who worked in Corbyn’s office during the General Election, an activist who took much credit for the Momentum fringe activities at the party conference, and a single mum who is more closely aligned with former Progress vice-chair Steve Reed OBE.

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Lananta-more progress

Nicks workshop mutterings

The last few weeks has seen some definite progress. I have made and installed the basics of the lime kilns which are now waiting for foliage and detailing. I have also added the final sand surface to the estuary ready for detailing with water, mud and weed etc.

I have purchased some dinghys in cast resin. These are made by Quaycraft and purchased through Cornwall model boats. Two will be drawn up on the beach and the third will be the tender to the sailing smack.

Finally I have finished a mock up in pencil of the backscene, which now awaits painting-;

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Feeble council unquestioningly gives green light to Westfield

Inside Croydon

BARRATT HOLMES says ‘I told you so’

The decision of the council’s planning committee to give the go-ahead to the £1.4billion Hammersfield supermall last night was such a foregone conclusion that the Town Hall press team – never known for being quick off the mark with anything – managed to get a press release out within moments of the inevitable outcome.

The pre-written press release even had the “unanimous” vote included in its copy. It gave a whole near slant to the phrase “predictive text”.

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Further consolidation


I did feel this post should be called “further mogulisation” but that doesn’t really fit…

I wrote some time ago that I needed to stop messing about doing a half arsed job that would cost the same in the end as doing the job properly. At the time I was talking about building a 15xx out of a 94xx body and I sorted my error by finding a 15xx body kit on eBay.

One of the dangers of modelling the GWR is it can all get a bit samey. That’s one of the reasons I like the Cambrian – being an Absorbed Railway, and a big one at that, it’s got its own feeling. The danger is particularly apparent of course with the locomotive stock – standardisation is wonderful for a business but terrible for modelling interest.

With that in mind I reviewed my stock, also with a view of…

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Wordless Wednesday, Not! (Shelfie2 The State of the Nation Pt2)

Albion Yard

So with the track down, wired, and working, point motors fitted, the track sub road bed was finally fixed to the chassis. The sharper of you will have noted that he’s not mentioned the fiddle yard or staging yet….

And that’s quite right, partly as I’ve not yet worked out how my fiddle yard will work. One thing I (probably) don’t want, is another baseboard with wasted space on it. I follow a few blogs and recently Rick de Candido has been writing about staging and storage yards on his fillmore avenue roundhouseblog. Iain Rice has also covered many types of fiddle yard variations in his writings and as you can see from the attached images, I’ve knocked together a ‘flying fiddle yard’ (or ‘stick’ more accurately), to give it a try. Firstly and simply it works. I do need a better support system for it and if you’re…

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