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Liverpool trip

Had to go to Liverpool on business last week and had the opportunity to see the sites. Our hotel was situated near Royal Albert Dock and the museum of Liverpool

 The Mersey ferry c/w dazzle strips  

Dazzle warship

 Sorry about the fencing, the dock area is being redeveloped during the  close season.

The Liver building (remember the Liver Birds?)

 The Royal Albert Dock was also full of old buildings, statues and vehicles

 And a tribute to Billy Fury  

Where would we be without the Yellow Submarine and the Titanic

 Talking of the Titanic we had our function in the Titanic hotel and Rum warehouse which has been converted from former warehouses

 Which included the famous staircase

A wonderful city worth a second visit

The Land of the Magna Carta

Went to the Houses of Parliament today for work with launch of Tenants Leading Change and a reception held by Stephen Williams MP.

A most enjoyable morning it is a useful insight in the goings on in Parliament and the fact that someone had actually taken the time to value resident involvement.

We were allowed the opportunity to have a look round, the pomp and splendour is something to behold. We also watched a debate by Vince Cable from the public gallery – very interesting.

Here are some photos










The Conference

Having been to a couple lately I can relate to this!

Strange happenings in Brighton

Day 2 TPAS

Key note speeches for the first part. Director of Housing, south Cams along hats off to TPAS!

TPAS Conference

So we take astep back from the disco and look back at the day. Attended my first non conference today whereby the attendees gather in a room set the agenda and then focus on discussions rather like meeting speed dating but without the speed. Participants can set the questions for discussion and then those attending can gather and discuss the subject. 2 hours we covered at least 3 topics – a different approach. Whether this would work with residents I don’t know?


TPAS Oxford

How do TP workers enjoy themselves? At an 80s disco of course!



2 weeks off work. Was a struggle to go back. Just heard that someone in another authority who does a similar job and who I thought were leading lights in the field has lost their job through a reorganisation – is this the sign of things to come?

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