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Workday Wednesday

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

Grabbed this photo from the train window the other day, a scene from the past not often seen on today’s railway:

The Horbury Junction signaller steps out into the bracing Yorkshire air (well I thought it was anyway, the short sleeves imply he thought otherwise!) to watch the progress of 2O77, the 15.04 Wakefield Kirkgate to Huddersfield, as it bounces over the pointwork outside the box and heads towards the remains of Healey Mills Yard.

Visually it’s just a shame the box has succumbed to modern double glazing being fitted, although this is no doubt appreciated by the staff!


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N&SNGM Running Day

Good day had by all by the sound of it

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

On Saturday the Norfolk and Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers held a ‘running day’, basically, they bring their layouts and run them. Good idea huh?

Held in the Barsham Village Hall, a converted Victorian school, it was open to the public to raise funds for new indoor toilets for the hall. There were 75 visitors and the event raised over £300. It provided a great venue and the N&SNGM organised nine layouts, a modelling demonstration, a sales stand from Great Eastern Models and excellent refreshments.

The layouts included Shipmeadow by Richard Doe. The real Shipmeadow workhouse sits on a hill only a few miles from the Barsham Village Hall and I drove past it on my way to the running day. It looks just like Richard’s model (or should that be the other way around?). Shipmeadow was being operated by Richard’s 5½ year old nephew who introduced some of his model…

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The ticking timebomb shipwreck that could damage half of London

😮fascinating but scary stuff

Stephen Liddell

Every now and then a newly made discovery of a long-lost shipwreck makes the news with everything from RMS Titanic to the lost ship of Captain Cook and everything in between.

There are a few shipwrecks however that are well known, even visible to us today.  Out of them all, there can’t be any more dangerous than the S.S. Richard Montgomery which since WW2 has lain, partially above water on the mouth of the River Thames.

The S.S. Richard Montgomery was a Liberty ship, from the United States bringing over 9,000 high explosive munitions and one of many reason why one has to be careful when looking for ‘treasures’ on the banks of the Thames as I did in my recent post.

Known semi-affectionately to locals as the “Monty”, the 441ft-long (134m) vessel was a US Liberty ship, a type of cargo ship used during World War II. It…

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The wishlist poll is back for 2018 and opens today, vote now, vote Southern…

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The annual Wishlist Poll is back for 2018 following a break in 2017 and has started today. The purpose of The Poll is to provide an easy way for modellers and collectors to tell the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run railway models what they would like to see made from new tooling (excluding models announced, tooled or made since 2000). It should be noted that the poll is only being tun for 00 gauge models this year.

There are plenty of Southern Railway / Southern Region related items to vote for, hint hint. A lot has happened since the 2016 poll results were published. The breakdown of items announced so far including those SR related, and sometimes even delivered by now, is as below:

  • 10 From the Top 50 (inc. the Lord Nelson, Terrier, P Class & Maunsell RF)
  • 17 From the High Polling segment (inc. 10¼” vent Bulleid coaches)

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Naturelog: 23rd September

Pete's Favourite Things

It was pouring with rain as I left London, on a RSPB group outing, for the 120-mile journey to Dorset and the RSPB reserve at Arne. Arne is situated on a peninsula which stands out into Poole Harbour, the largest natural harbour in the UK. It has a wondrous array of different habitats ranging from woodland to wetlands and heathland.

Saltmarsh (top), heathland (bottom left), farmland (bottom centre) and woodland (bottom right)

It continued to rain heavily as we passed through the new forest and it was not until we reached Bournemouth that there was a break in the rain, much to the relief of all – birdwatching in heavy rain is not much fun! Arriving at Arne, there was still rain in the air and so I opted for the northern part of the reserve, which contains the woodland and a hide overlooking one of the channels of the…

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Setting the Scene

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

I have positioned the buildings on the scenic area of Thomas and Sons. I’m rather pleased with the result. Phew, this layout idea will work!

To attach the structures to the baseboard I glued small nails to the walls so they protruded about 1cm (0.4 inch) below the base. When I was happy with the position of the buildings, I used each nail to make a mark on the surface, drilled a hole in the baseboard at each point and put the buildings in place. I want to be able to remove the buildings to work on them so I haven’t glued them yet.

What’s next? Oh yes, does anyone know a good roofer?

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The 50th Birthday Bash

Part Time Spotter

Well done to TfL for doing their utmost best to screw up my morning with their poor communication, dangerous practice and mind numbing decisions.

From Selhurst, Southern ran to time but it was 455s again. 2J08 gave me 455835, 455829.
The Jubilee line wasn’t running properly and the Northern was going slow too It always going to be a bit awkward. What I didn’t expect was the poorly managed chaos in the area in front of the barriers. Of course allowing people to queue up is ont thing but to shift them to another area when they were orderly queued was plain stupid. The usual plastic announcements about they care about safety hence everyone being kept be the barriers was given but they didn’t care about safety as there were two women on the point of fainting from the crush and heat there. And when the idiots release the…

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Hattons products GETS 2018

PCA Accurascale at GETS

Albion Yard

Announced at GETS today Accurascale PCA bulk cement wagons in OO Gauge. Three pack £69.95, discounts for rakes, estimated arrival January 2019

7mm HUO EP was also on the stand as was the 4mm PCV’s

And at the end of the line for December this year OO Rawie bufferstops.

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Croydon Show

Helped at the Croydon Show operating Mr P’ O16.5 layout Mole End. Very enjoyable day and did get a chance to take some photos, not many though.

Salop Street – Giles Barnabe

Volks Electric Railway – D Smith/N Dollimore

Works off a 9v external battery or a 6v battery built into the controller – Genius!

Lighterman’s Yard – Pete King

Based on an Iain Rice design.

Very enjoyable day,shame about the rain.

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