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The @Hornby Original Merchant Navy has docked, lets take a look… the bar has been raised again…

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

Delivered via its current day namesake, my Hornby 21C3 ‘Royal Mail’ arrived this week. It is gratifying to see a project that I have in a small part been involved with for nearly two years come to fruition. I have already posted on this blog a few times about the Merchant Navy classes, in connection with the prototype, my kit built examples, progress of the Hornby versions since their announcement in 2015 and also the variations possible from the first releases. Click here to see a list of such posts.

Hornby 21C3 with the detailing items added and the nameplates replaced with Fox Transfers etched versions

So far the first two have arrived in the guise of R3434 21C1 ‘Channel Packet’ and R3435 21C3 ‘Royal Mail’ with the other two BR liveried versions of the first releases due in the next couple of months. This post is not a full…

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Book review – Creating cameo layouts’

On the wishlist


We all get older.  Even Iain Rice gets older.  That young whipper-snapper with radical ideas on P4 modelling and on layout design is now an elder statesman of the hobby.  Fortunately he writes in just the same style as he ever did – and this makes his books a joy to read even about the more boring bits of modelling – but perhaps with a modicum more experience.  His latest book explores the world of cameo layouts.

You may first note the price – a significant £24.95.  It seems expensive, but all books are these days.  And it is still less than a new Farish coach, and probably a lot more useful.

And what is a ‘Cameo Layout’?  The author says that:

It is this sense of something that encapsulates a subject concisely and within a complementary setting that I seek to apply the term ‘cameo’ to a model railway.  That is…

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Another building

Tarring Neville progress

Ouse Valley Modeller

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have slowly been moving along with Tarring Neville though. The larger flint building has been made removable in case any of the point switches need attention and this is now ready to be bedded in. I have also been working on getting another building ready to fit to the layout.


This one has been lurking around in the background for some time. It is loosely base on the stores building from Hellingly Station and is made up of a foamboard shell with South Eastern Finecast corrugated iron plasticard over it. Windows and guttering came from the bits box and the down pipes were knocked up from some metal rod and split pins. When it came to painting I was originally going to paint the whole thing a cream colour but I had slowly gone off this idea and opted for a blue/grey…

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Road closures at Easter will offer taste of chaos to come


Inside Croydon

Croydon is about to get a taste of the sort of traffic chaos and disruption which may await once the Hammersfield development gets underway – if it ever does – when the town centre is closed down for 10 days over Easter for repairs to the tram tracks.

TfL is closing a stretch of the busy Wellesley Road for 10 days over Easter

The work, being undertaken for Transport for London, will shut down Wellesley Road for more than a week, but will not involve any new track for the Dingwall Road loop, which TfL has promised to build as part of the “improvements” to the transport infrastructure to be imposed on Croydon once Westfield and Hammerson actually begin to build their £1.4billion supermall.

“Given the length of the closures and the disruption it will cause to bus and tram passengers, as well as car drivers, plus the expense, you…

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The Missing link -RVR planning permission approved 

Link to RVR blog with announcement
Good news for the Rother Valley Railway.

Nimby housing minister Barwell pimps Britain at MIPIM

Inside Croydon

Gavin Barwell, the government’s Nimby housing minister, has outraged elected local councillors in Croydon and across the country with remarks he has made at MIPIM, the “booze and hookers fest” which doubles as the world’s largest gathering of property speculators and developers.

Housing minister Gavin Barwell, left, at MIPIM this week possibly having the planning system explained to him. Very. Slowly.

Speaking in Cannes, where he had addressed a session organised by Croydon Council, the Croydon Central Tory MP, told profit-hungry developers looking for land to build on to “come and see me”.

The planning minister’s remarks are seen as encouraging developers to bypass the local planning processes.

“Does this apply to Croydon?” was the incredulous reaction of one councillor when they had read Barwell’s remarks reported in The Grauniad.

The reaction is probably as much because of Barwell’s apparent disdain for planning laws as because, as people in…

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Negrini approves £12,500 spend on her trip to South of France

Inside Croydon

Jo Negrini: has an easy way with spending public cash

Jo Negrini, Croydon’s chief exec, has spent more than £12,000 of Council Tax-payers’ money for her and three council executives to spend most of this week out of the office in Fisher’s Folly and instead jet off to enjoy cocktails and canapes in the South of France.

For Negrini is back among her chums and contacts at MIPIM in Cannes, the world’s biggest gathering of property speculators and developers – what has sometimes been described as a “booze and hookers’ fest”.

Today, the pimping was taking place in what is called “the London Pavilion” at the conference, where what was on offer was chunks of real estate in south London, much of it publicly owned.

Joining Negrini at a panel discussion trying to plug the “opportunities” – a developer euphemism for easy profits – to be had around Croydon town…

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Boxing Clever

Just had to post pictures of the signal box built for me by Andrew Barnes.

A great piece of modelling. The box is based on the one at Norden (yes I know it is L&SWR) but similar boxes could be found all over the Southern in days of the semophore.

Have already identified a spot on the layout for it and just waiting a signalman from Modelu to complete the picture. 

My grateful thanks to Andrew for this masterpiece in miniature.

Slow Terrier, slow

Been awhile since I have posted on the progress of the Terrier.

Well progress is a lot slower than I would of liked. The body still needs a lot of work. As for the chassis, it runs direct from the power leads to the motor but pick up off the wheels does not seem to happen so will have to work at that one.

Still have till September to complete her for running on Wimblehurst Road. Here are the pics.

Arrogant fly-tipper dumps legal appeal and gets £5,670 charge

Too right

Inside Croydon

A fly-tipper who dumped waste twice in the same Croydon street abandoned his court appeal when confronted with pictures showing him caught in the act taken on a resident’s mobile phone.

Are you sure that you want to continue with this appeal? Nuhur Mulindwa was caught in the act of fly-tipping – yet still tried a court appeal until the judge intervened

Shirley resident Nuhur Mulindwa incurred £5,670 costs and 250 hours unpaid community service at Croydon Crown Court last week, the latest successful conviction of the council’s constant battle against anti-social fly-tippers in the borough.

Croydon Council has prosecuted 143 people for dumping rubbish illegally on the borough’s streets since its Don’t Mess With Croydon campaign began in 2013.

Mulindwa appealed against an original sentence after a case heard by Croydon Magistrates last August, when he was found guilty and had £4,170 costs and £60 surcharge awarded against him…

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