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Commission draws the line under Newman’s bid for control

Inside Croydon

Political editor WALTER CRONXITE on how an effort to shore-up Town Hall power through boundary changes has left Croydon’s Labour leadership even more dependent on Jeremy Corbyn, the party leader many of them tried to oust

Croydon Tories’ leader Tim Pollard: will he lead a challenge to the Boundary Commission report?

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England may yet face a challenge from Croydon Tories to open up the process to further public consultation – a third one – after radical changes from the Commission’s first draft recommendations in Addiscombe and Park Hill were revealed when they published their final report this morning.

The creation of a single member ward for Park Hill and the Whitgift estate has come entirely unexpectedly, prompting some more mischievous Town Hall observers to wonder out loud whether this has been drawn up specifically with one person in mind.

“You used to call him…

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Happy Birthday Canada!

The Erratic and Wandering Journey

The Confederation – only possible because of railways – is 150 today, July 1st 2017.

Best wishes to all those polite, self-effacing North Americans!

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All been a bit quiet here recently. In the workshop side, the milk tanks are painted and ready for the decals to go on and I just need some time to do so.

While on the train to London on Thursday I saw something I thought was long gone. Yes there are plenty of crossings with proper gates on the railway, but on the premier mainline of Great Britain, surely not? But yes there is. Woodcroft Road, near Etton, just north of Peterborough. Not only is it a proper old fashioned gated crossing but it spans 5 tracks (Up slow, Up fast, Down fast, followed by a 10 foot that is considerably more than 10 feet wide, Up Stamford, Down Stamford / Down slow).

Speed limit would appear to be 110mph as measured by my phone as I returned to York.

Here it is as I viewed it on Thursday…

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A Trip on the Medway (1)

Pete's Favourite Things

Recently Keith and I went for a boat trip along the River Medway.

Our boat – The Jacob Marley

Leaving the pier at Rochester with the Castle in the background.

The Old Russian Submarine moored at Strood

Frindsbury Church

Rochester Cathedral and Castle from the river

A reminder of Rochester’s maritime heritage

An old accommodation barge

Chatham Riverfront

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News round-up (3), 2017

New Build Steam

5551’s outer firebox doorplate. Photo by Kevin West.

5551 The Unknown Warrior
Regular readers of New Build Steam will recall the frustration expressed by the Patriot group about the speed and reliability of their supply chain, and recall also that the report on the handling of the overhaul of Flying Scotsman observed that the heritage railway supply chain is a ‘cottage industry’. A vivid illustration of this has been provided by the announcement that LNWR Heritage in Crewe has decided to end its subcontract work on the boiler for The Unknown Warrior. It appears that delays in the completion and delivery of component items from other suppliers have resulted in only slow progress being possible at Crewe, and the LNWR have felt unable to sustain this further, instead wishing to concentrate on their own fleet.

LNWR will be completing all work already started, including the riveting of the copper inner…

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A Bit More Boxing

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

I’ve been working on the Unit Models box van I’m building. I glued the chassis mount molding to the floor of the van. I added a sheet of lead to the floor inside the van to provide some additional weight. I can add more lead to the chassis but I’m not sure I’ll need it.

Next, I glued the roof on. The araldite sets quite slowly so I held it in place with rubber bands. The pieces of coffee stirrer were supposed to spread out the pressure over a larger area to help the roof stick down along the sides of the van. I’ve no idea if it made a difference but it seemed like a good idea at the time!

When the roof had set, I stuck on the Peco wagon chassis. I wondered if the van would look better with slightly larger axle boxes. I created some dummy…

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Beaconsfield show

Kirkmellington - a journey into EM

We are attending the one day show at Beaconsfield tomorrow.

The Beaconsfield School, Wattleton Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 1SJ.

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Here we go again…..


I’m back!  I’ve appreciated a month break from the blog, but have missed putting my railway thoughts and findings down on ‘paper’.  And a chance to offer modelling challenges like this one (picture picked up from a forum – trust the copyright is OK.)  The challenge is not to lay track like this – we can all do that on an off day – but to do it so it (a) works, and (b) looks like it’s realistic, not incompetent.

It’s been a busy month, with too much office work.  Ten days in Singapore gave me a chance to catch up with the friendliest otters in the world, just outside the hotel.

And buy some more relatively cheap trams off the internet….

Over the next few days, I’ll be writing about….

  • ESNG exhibiting at the Bluebell Railway.
  • Our annual visit to Berlin.
  • Recent ESNG meetings.
  • The 2018 ESNG show.
  • An…

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Picture of the Month – July 2017

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

This months picture…

Bulleid Merchant Navy class 21C14 'Nederland Line' built from a Millholme kit, heads to London with the up Devon Belle having taken over the train at Wilton. Adams O2 built from a Wills kit, shunts the ash wagon on shed. My Grandfather, a Ganger,  can be seen taking a break leaning on his ballast fork near the platelayers hut. Bulleid Merchant Navy class 21C14 ‘Nederland Line’ built from a Millholme kit, heads to London with the up Devon Belle having taken over the train at Wilton. Adams O2 built from a Wills kit, shunts the ash wagon on shed. My Grandfather, a Ganger, can be seen taking a break leaning on his ballast fork near the platelayers hut.

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Tory threat to Boundary Commissioners over council map

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE reports on a significant development which could influence the political control of the borough for decades to come

The Boundary Commissioners have brought forward the publication date for the latest revision to proposals for Croydon’s council electoral wards to Tuesday this week, strongly suggesting that their documents include significant changes from their initial consultation.

How will the map of Croydon look when the present 24 wards are overhauled?

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England was supposed to be publishing its proposals on July 11. By bringing the publication date forward by seven days suggests that the Commission is freeing up to time for a further, exceptional extra public consultation on its findings.

The Commissioners are up against the clock: following delays over the initial consultation,  Croydon’s political map now needs to be redrawn in time for local elections in May 2018, with the parties still to select…

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