The Bumper Book of British Brexit | Max Stafford’s Kennel

Wickedly humorous summary of Brexit so far from the Wee Ginger Dug!
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No faith in Politicians

It amazes me that these amateurs we call Politicians can throw their toys out of the pram and leave their job at the drop of a hat without any thought to the 70m+ people who will suffer from their decision making now and in years to come – no wonder people don’t have faith in our political system anymore!

I was for staying In the EU for a number of reasons mainly because people don’t realise how much we have come to depend on the EU for workers (doing the work that no one else wants to), funding (European Social Fund which has regenerated parts of the country), Defence (working together to stop Isis and others intent on destroying our democracy), freedom of movement etc.

We were not given all the facts at the time and Brexit was sold mainly on the immigration card which gave the racists and bigots a field day. Will we see the £250m for the NHS?

Still we live in a democracy and I go with the majority but unfortunately the politicians have c**ked it up. Meanwhile the country has fallen apart- crime is up,local authorities are struggling for funding all because the Tories have taken their eye off the ball.

No trust, no deal.