Ichabod | esngblog

Ichabod – the glory has departed.  Can you recognise the station?  A most distinctive terminus on a curve (clue – it’s well south of Watford.) Answer – Cowes, Isle of Wight
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Minories #1 – the original design – repost | esngblog

Number 2 is this one on the classic Minories design. There are few model railway plans that can be deemed ‘classic’.  One surely must be the late Cyril Freezer’s ‘Minories’ plan.  The plan was the result a flash of inspiration whilst waiting for a train, then some doodling to try the recreate the Metropolitan station at…
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ESNG meeting – 7 February 2019 | esngblog

A massive 13 members turned out yesterday evening, even without the Cha(I)rman, who had gone missing.  As the treasurer commented, ‘I didn’t know we had that many members!’ As for the trains, it was ‘Hallo Kitty’ time, as Paul’s latest bullet train had arrived.  Lovely model, but not convinced about the colour?   Business as…
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