As if defeat to the mancs wasn’t enough

Fan Arrested Over Wayne Rooney Incident With Investigation to Follow
By Daniel Cook  
24 February 2014

A Crystal Palace fan has been arrested over the incident that saw a coin being aimed at Wayne Rooney during Saturday evening’s game against Manchester United at Selhurst Park.

With Rooney making his way over to the corner of the field midway through the first-half, a coin, along with a bottle and cigarette lighter were thrown onto the pitch from the Holmesdale Road stand, prompting Rooney to show referee Michael Oliver the offending objects before taking the corner kick.

Whilst the initial arrest has already taken place, the FA are thought to be investigating the incident further in an attempt to identify any other individuals involved, with the potential for further punishments being handed out to the club as a result.

It was a frustrating moment for all of us, given the work that the Holmesdale Fanatics had put into the display beforehand, with the media as a whole now focussing entirely on an isolated moment of stupidity rather than the overwhelmingly positive aspect of what the Fanatics bring to the club as a whole.

Speaking to Five Year Plan about the issue, Steve Browett was understandably angry at what had happened, giving a very direct view on the incident:

“I was really angry because you’ve got guys who have spent hundreds, thousands of hours getting that display right and you turn on Match of the Day and all you see is some t— throwing a coin at Wayne Rooney. One idiot has screwed it up for everybody else and it makes me so angry. I hope somebody turns him in because he’s not welcome at Selhurst Park.”

Quite how this specific issue will affect the club going forward is still unknown, although it’s plain to see that the actions of one foolish individual will not be a positive thing for us in the eyes of the FA, or those tasked with maintaining order at the games we attend.

Hopefully, these sorts of issues remain isolated occurrences rather than a frequent aspect of our support. There really is no need for it in any sense.