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Boxing Clever

Just had to post pictures of the signal box built for me by Andrew Barnes.

A great piece of modelling. The box is based on the one at Norden (yes I know it is L&SWR) but similar boxes could be found all over the Southern in days of the semophore.

Have already identified a spot on the layout for it and just waiting a signalman from Modelu to complete the picture. 

My grateful thanks to Andrew for this masterpiece in miniature.

Polegate signal box – Maureen Copping

In todays edition of the Sussex Express 21 Feb 2014, there is an article from Councillor Michael Clewett who says that Polegate Signal Box will not be demolished. he has made successfull negotiation with Network Rail who will give the box to Polegate Community, to turn it into a railway museum. the existing plastic windows will be replaced by the original wooden windows of the Saxby and Farmer design. all the electronic equipment wll be taken out of the box, and the Absolute Block system will remain. the Up Starter Signal will also be removed from its present site to sit in the garden behind the signal box, where it will form part of the museum. it will be connected to one of the levers and will be set to Off when the museum is open and On when the museum is closed.

Footnote: glad to see some of our railway heritage is being preserved.

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