This Could Be A Distraction – Steve’s 009 and 09 Adventure

The latest addition to the tool kit is this 3D printer. Priced at just over £200 it was difficult to resist. It will be used by my daughter who’s interested in design and, of course, by me. As a quick test of the printer we printed this diesel loco designed by Tom Bell from files…
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Narrow Gauge, Railway

Splash It On All Over – Steve’s 009 and 09 Adventure

Painting wood isn’t one of my favourite things. My approach is to treat the paint like after shave and ‘splash it on all over’. Anyway, the unenjoyable task is completed. The inner walls of the layout, that will form the back scene, have had two coats of primer. This will stop the bare wood showing…
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Saffron Walden Exhibition 2019 – Steve’s 009 and 09 Adventure

There was no food in the house this morning. I offered to do the ‘big’ shop in Saffron Walden where there’s a good Saturday market and lots of other shops. My wife was pleased, she likes it when I help out. Honestly though, I may have forgotten to mention that the Saffron Walden Model Railway…
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Covered Wagons – #2 Tarp’ Test – Steve’s 009 and 09 Adventure

The covered wagons need tarpaulins, but I’d no idea how to model a tarpaulin. Some testing was required. I took four small wooden blocks and tried different methods of creating a tarp. Thick card Thick card, soaked in diluted PVA A ‘colour catcher’ A ‘colour catcher’, soaked in diluted PVA Colour catchers are small pieces…
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